Our team


Sabri Mahdaoui

is an aerospace engineer.  With an extensive experience in sports and in dance he believes that movement – More and Better – can lead to re-connecting to your body. A Science enthusiast, he is convinced that technology can support us in this mission of re- appropriating our bodies. Builder since an early age, he has already lead many different building projects, mainly in the field of wood working. Currently he is building minimalist shoes with 2 pockets (Ninja style) refurbished from old leather boots.




Sæunn Kjartansdóttir

is a fashion/costume designer. Graduated from IED with a BA degree in Fashion Design from Westminster University in 2014 and has a masters degree in costume design for film, theatre and dance.

She has collaborated on projects such as a suit ‘Elastica’ is a wearable suit, that functions as an interface for the performer, augmenting his body, creating sound and data visualization. She has experience in working with digital fabrication as well as working in the field of sustainable fashion.





Valentin Stavrev

is mathematically trained polymath. For twenty years he has worked in the area of inflatable and tensile structures. He published several works on space based Inflatable habitats presented on AIAA conferences on environmental systems.

Since the end of 2015 he actively participates in startup projects. Two of his projects have been selected as finalist in European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC) 2017.






Irma Cozma

is a Medical Doctor (MD) and a PhD student (currently researching glycosphingolipids in the fetal brain), specialized in Pediatrics.

Before going to Medical school, she studied one year of Fiziokinetoterapy. It was then when she started learning about biomechanics, and about the interconnection between healthy breathing patterns and movements.

She can fly a plane!!!






is a freelance writer specializing in sports. While studying journalism at Abilene Christian University in Texas, he won four US national collegiate titles in the decathlon with a peak at 7674 points. A former member of the French team, he had to give up his Olympic dream following injuries and switched focus to independent journalism. When optimizing his performances in the 10 different events that make up the decathlon, he became aware that movement accuracy is crucial. Having been an Olympian hopeful, he is convinced that DYNABACK could help athletes increase their body balance and achieve better performance.





is a physiotherapist with a degree from the EFOM school in Paris. Co-owner of a practice with 6 physiotherapists, 50% of the patients she has treated over her 10 year long career have come in for back related issues.